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As growers, we are committed to creating beauty by cultivating our plants

from their earliest sprouts through their abundant blooms.


 We believe in slowing down to appreciate the present moment

while evolving and learning during each season of life.

We tend to our flowers at our home in Ambler, Pennsylvania.  From our spring-blooming, fragrant narcissus through waves of breathtaking dahlias in the fall, our gardens glow with vibrant color. We harvest our flowers by hand and create fresh bouquets that reflect nature’s untamed sophistication using local ingredients. Sharing the beauty we cultivate with our community is our primary focus.

Attending to our harvest fosters peace and mindfulness,

qualities we hope to bring to your home through our distinctive bouquets.

Most memories of my childhood bring me back to the great outdoors.  My family camped often, I rode horses, and spent many weekends beautifying our living spaces inside and out. My mom, now a Pennsylvania Master Gardener, incorporated learning about nature and gardening in our daily lives. I remember her planting and replanting many gardens over the years.  I am sure I was not always a big help but there some things, like the smell of marigolds, that can bring me right back to laying in the grass on a hot summer day plucking the petals off one by one.

When I purchased my first house in Glenside, Pennsylvania in 2010, it had a garden that lacked much variety, had overgrown trees and needed a lot of love.  I found myself outside more and more, drawn to the garden after work, transplanting, pruning and deadheading trying to bring beauty to our space.  As the garden grew, so did my love for it. Not only for its appearance, but for the peace and tranquility it brought to my life.  When stresses mounted at work, getting my hands in the dirt brought a sense of stillness to my soul.


We moved from that home in 2015 and purchased a new property with more space. The woman we bought that house from was also a life-long gardener (and coincidentally my first grade teacher) but her garden had gotten too large for her to manage as she aged. As our daughter was growing, I had more and more time to devote to re-planning the landscape and enjoyed incorporating her into the tasks.  We planted many native plants with purpose to attract pollinators and support the local species in our region.  I valued the time I spent with our daughter searching for caterpillars and identifying butterflies on our blooms. We eventually added raising butterflies to our list of fun adventures. It was during the time of expanding the gardens and exploring the magic of nature that I discovered so many of my friends and family complimenting me on the yard when they would visit stating they too wished they could have such beauty around them.  Friends started asking for help, I found joy in sharing my blooms with others and set my heart on finding a way to extend my love of flowers to others.

Our property is a Master Gardener Certified Pollinator Friendly Garden in Pennsylvania and our gardening practices reflect a respect for nature and sustainability.

I planted a small cutting garden, incorporating more varieties into my existing garden beds with the intent to cut the blooms and experiment with the flowers’ needs. Now, I am a proud graduate of the Floret Workshop, an intense flower farming course led by Erin Benzakein of Washington State’s Floret Farm. Our property is a Master Gardener Certified Pollinator Friendly Garden in Pennsylvania and our gardening practices reflect a respect for nature and sustainability. My goal is to bring more joy into people’s lives while inspiring an appreciation for nature’s miracles and the way it enhances our lives.

Besides flowers, I am passionate about physical and mental health, home decorating, and raising our daughter with an intent to build resilience, authenticity and a strong connection to nature. I work part time as a physical therapist and feel blessed to touch people’s lives - often at critical times.  I enjoy pops of color, everything Oprah, murder mysteries and think that chocolate + peanut butter is the best combination.

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Jackie DeMerlis


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