Do you drive by beautiful gardens in the Spring and wish you too could have some of the colorful flowers at your own home? Do you love our peony tulips and frilly double daffodil blooms? Grow some of the same specialty bulbs that we grow! Twenty-five bulbs will be pre-packaged by type in groups of 5 for pick up in Ambler, PA and planting in the fall. The bulbs will over winter in the ground then bloom in Spring of 2021. 


In each bag, you'll receive fifteen tulip bulbs and ten daffodil bulbs. The varieties and color may vary but will be packaged to compliment eachother in the landscape. Bloom time will be April-May in our SE PA location. This year we have focused on bringing more color options to our customers so the collections will be a mix of white, yellow, pink, coral and/or purple. Each bag will include a grouping of rainbow tulips, which will wow everyone that sees them! 


Instructions will be included with your purchase. Tulips in the landscape typically look best grouped together in clumps so feel free to purchase multiple packs of 25 bulbs for your desired flower-filled spring! Bulbs orders must be placed in advance for these special bulbs; no refunds after August 31. Pick up will be late September/early October. 

Spring Bulb Collection - Plant in fall of 2020


    Plans for 2020 are changing amid the Covid-19 pandemic.

    Pick up currently available at our home. 

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